GCRF blue communities

The title of the project is “GCRF Building capacity for planning for sustainable interactions with coastal ecosystems for health, wellbeing, food, and livelihoods.” The project is focused on building capacity for marine planning in South East Asia coastal communities. It is led by Professor Melanie C Austen from Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Prof Lora Fleming from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health at Exeter University.

The partners for the project Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Exeter University, Plymouth University, and North Devon Biosphere Reserve Foundation in the United Kingdom, Hanoi University in Vietnam, Western Philipines University and Palawan State University in the Philippines, the University of Malaya in Malaysia, and the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme National Committee in China, and supported by the Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health.

The vision of the project is to develop interdisciplinary research capacity that informs and facilities novel and innovative application of planning in the marine environment to improve economic growth, food security, health and wellbeing for coastal communities through the sustainable use of marine resources.