Day 2: 48th APACPH Conference @ Teikyo University Tokyo

The second day of the 48th APACPH Conference continued with the starts of the opening ceremony and the APACPH Awards Ceremony. Professor Timik Hokama was awarded the Professor Kazue K McLaren Leadership Achievement Award, which was awarded to Professor Yasuo Kagawa, the award was predented to her by Dr Myongsei Sohn. The second award was the APACPH Medal of Merit, which was awarded to Professor Yasuo Kagawa by Dr Masamine Jimba. The third award, the APACPH Recognition Award was presented to Professor Yasuhide Nakamura by Dr Bruse Maycock. The APACPH Excellent in Leadership Medallion was presented to Professor Takemi. Professor Takemi was not able to be present as he was on an official duty in New York. Mr Kazuhiro Shindohri the Secetary of Takemi Keizo Office received the award from Dr Maznah Dahlui on his behalf.

The conference continued with the Plenary Symposium 1: Celebrating a healthy future with competent professionals: what vision of society do we want for the future? Pascal Zurn from the World Health Organization (WHO) talked on the WHO Global Strategy on Human Resource for Health: Workforce 2030 followed with Dr Ichiro Kawachi from Harvard University presented his talk on Creating a Healthy Future – Evidence from Social Epidemiology. Dr Kenji Shibuya continued with his piece on The future of Japan’s health system and Dr Yoshihito Okinaga talk on The power of education to create a better society through practical learning, global perspectives, and open midedness.

After the Plenary Symposium 1, the conference continued with several parallel and concurrent sessions, which includes Plenary Symposium 2, symposiums, oral and poster sessions. The symposium includes Health professional education to bridge scientific evidence, health professional practice, and advocacy to change our society; Public health law and ethics: Legislating social health insurance for University Health Coverage (UHC); Non-communicable diseases: Obesity prevention; Social Determinants of Health and Potential and challenges associated with the school health approach to achieving the SDGs – How to maximise the potential of both the school and children in terms of school health. The oral sessions includes Occupational Health, Migration and Health and Nutrition and Food Safety. The poster sessions includes School Health: Child and Adolescent health; Ageing; Health Policy and Economics; Nutrition and Food Safety; Tobacco Control; Universal Health Coverage; Environmental Health-1; Occupational Health; Health Promotion; and Disaster.

The second day session end with the participants letting their hair down for the Cocktail Party, which was held at the Cafeteria ‘Godereccio’.